Noni Products for health

Noni Products for health

The authenticity of the source of noni juice in research has proven the three generations of mice that were supplied with 5% noni juice during the gestation period, showed that noni is safe for the consumption of living things that are conceiving.

Moreover, there is a significant advantage on the foetus that grows healthier or slightly larger despite more litter in size. Hence, the results of the scientific laboratory study have proven that there is no adverse effect on fertility and fetal development. Noni of the BSY is safe for pregnant women. 

Secondly, there is a report that Noni juice is an effective antioxidant, demonstrating a dose-dependent effect against SAR and LPO in vitro. (based on the science report on the BSY noni juice)

Thus, Noni juice should be able to protect the liver against acute CCl4 toxicity.

Yes, many of my friends, relatives, and even the people I do not know, when approached to let them know or share with them about the products, they will shun away and say," All the direct marketing will say that their products are tremendous but not real-lah. All bluffing." But just to remind you not all of them are but just because of the " black sheep" in the market.

Anyway, let me introduce you what is the BSY  Noni products, especially the Pure Noni Leaven Enzyme. The products of BSY Noni Ltd Malaysia are of good quality, trusted, and very effective as a remedial effect. They are made from all-natural (plant-based) with no harmful artificial chemicals that may be carcinogenic. Hence, be aware of its imitation in the market. The very promising part is that when people get the trial pack, they will come back to buy the economical pack ( of 10 bottles)whether for their own or they share among a few.

This pure Noni Leaven enzyme has proven to many of its effectiveness as it is made of 100% pure noni leaven which is produced using very scrutinised high technological methods. The enzyme should be consumed within 10 days keep at cool and dry place.

If your house is too hot, then you may keep it in the cooling section of the refrigerator to maintain its freshness and effectiveness. Before using, do not use straight out from the fridge as enzyme does not perform well at low temperatures. Leave at room temperature for 5 minutes before using.

Next the hair colour magic (now come in a range of black, brown and garnet red). The black hair dye is made of HE SHOU WU, the main ingredient to nourish and  blacken the hair. This substance is used since ancient China to keep hair shiny, healthy and naturally black. The content of Ginseng helps to nourish the scalp and the follicle of the hair. This will ensure healthier new hair.

The coloured hair magic are made of natural plant based materials and many more alkaloids releasing permanent colour that will cover the grey.

A combination of the blond /red colour with the black give you a range of beautiful tone that reveals that you just have a saloon dye at the saloon shop!

The Spring Crystal Facial Bar Soap has proven to many of its effectiveness to balance the pH of skin, removes acne and blemishes and naturally whitens and has anti aging effect.

This bar soap is very special as it is made of all natural plant based materials which include the the mediterranean black mud,noni extract,lavender,tea tree oil,coconut charcoal,cocos nucifera oil and others.

You are assured there are No trace elements of petrochemicals, no toxic chemicals,free from synthetic detergents or foaming agents,free from fillers,no artificial colouring,no  artificial fragrances,no synthetic preservatives,no animal products and rich in humic acid. Mostly, we love trees and care for the environment: Papers from Papers and Not from trees!

The BSY has proven to many its ability to walk the talk  since it is launched in 2003 by the USA Federation Trading Co.,Ltd . BSY a trusted company with products that already cured and relieved many patients due to the continuous Research and Development that upgrade the products from this company. 
Trust the effectiveness of the products from this company.
Try it today to see the difference in you. You may be be relieved or completely cured from the diseases you are suffering just like others.

What the Science Says
In laboratory research, noni has shown antioxidant, immune-stimulating, and tumor-fighting properties. These results suggest that noni may warrant further study for conditions such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. However, noni has not been well studied in people for any health condition.
NCCAM-funded research includes a study on noni for cancer to determine its safety and potential effects on tumors and symptoms, as well as a laboratory study of noni’s effects on prostate cancer cells. The National Cancer Institute is funding preliminary research on noni for breast cancer prevention and treatment.

Xanthine oxidase has shown its effectiveness in the noni fruit juice. This fruit has been used in Polynesia for more than 2000 years as it has its  therapeutic effects on gout.

These are the very immediate symptoms which we name it as recovery symptoms while using Noni.
Why we should need supplements nowadays? Why supplements that are reliable are important to our life?
What are the causes of today's human deterioration  of health?

Do you know that 30% of the population of the Malaysian are suffering from chronic modern diseases?

These are the statistics found

* 3 millions people in Malaysia suffering from high cholesterol

* 2.1 million people in Malaysia suffering from diabetes'

* 40,000 new  cancer cases per year

* more that 10,000 deaths per year due to heart attack, stroke and kidney failure.

The source of these problems lies on the few factors below

i) air pollution

ii) toxic dumping

iii) drug abusing

iv) water pollution

v) radioactive pollution

vi) imbalanced diet.