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White looks beautiful when its essential. But on your hair...? Now don't worry! We will help you.

  • Just 10 Minutes Magic

    No Ammonia-No Hair Loss-No Dandruff

  • Longlasting Natural Black Hair

    Nutrifies Hair Roots & Encourages Healthy Hair Growth

  • Natural Herbal Ingredients

    Noni Fruit Essence & Wild Ginseng

  • Doubles up as Hair Conditioner

    Cleanses & Eliminates Dandruff

BSY NONI - Natural Magic Secret

PRIIS Trading Company, is a natural herbal hair dye suppliers with years of experience in manufacturing only natural products that are harmless.

To Be Natural Buy Natural

About Us

PRIIS Trading Company is a leading name amongst the manufacturers and suppliers of natural herbal hair dyes. The company is located in Cochin and we use only natural products for creating our products that helps to intoxicate your hair and repair the damage. All our hair products are directly taken from the heart of nature.

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Hair Dye
Hair Dye

BSY Noni Black Hair Magic

BSY Noni Black Hair Magic is based on the pure extract of genuine Hawaiian Noni fruit, which is medicinally the most effective variety of Morinda Citrifolia of the genus Morinda. BSY Noni Black Hair Magic is a natural dye product formulated with various herbal essences for hair nutrition. It is a product developed by years- long research of health experts and scientists. The herbal ingredients can rapidly turn your hair black...

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Nail Polish Remover
Nail Polish Remover

Nude Nail

Bling Bling Shiny Nail Glossy Smooth Nail.Without a glossy nail polish Make your nails glossy. With NUDE NAIL Glass Nail Shiner, make your nail trimmed well. Create your own glossy effect Simply do your nail care!! Quick and easy, Hygienic and safe, With NUDE NAIL Glass Nail Shiner, Enjoy it with your family! Cuticle care & Glossy nail care, Quality Crystal Nail Care, No harmful element, No scratches on your skin.100% Genuine Product.

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BSY Noni Leaven

BSY Noni Leaven (10ml X 10 bottles) BSY Noni Leaven (10ml X 10 bottles) BSY Noni Leaven (10ml X 10 bottles) EFFECTIVE PRICE:Rs. 500.00 BRAND:BSY PRODUCT TYPE: Noni Leaven AVAILABILITY: Many In Stock QUANTITY:ADD TO CART ADD TO WISHLIST 0 Description BSY NONI ENZYME - 100% Pure NONI Leaven BSY Noni is the pure extract or leaven of genuine Hawaiian noni fruit, which is medicinally the most effective...

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Noni Fruit Tips!

Secret behind Noni magic

Prince Dhas

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Here’s a woman who is redefining the idea of fitness in Bollywood where it matters to be the right size. She practices what she preaches: yoga on a daily basis, regular exercise, healthy food, lot...

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Natural hair dye – A reality?

Organic foods! Natural sweeteners! Organic creams! Natural flavor! How obsessed are we with the terms organic and natural? But no one can blame us for the same! Carcinogenic harmful chemicals ha...

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TOP BENEFITS OF DRINKING NONI JUICE A strange fruit found in some corner of the world is doing miracles! The normal crowd is already bored of such spam advertisements. But would you believe if we ...

What our customers say

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George Mathew
At the age of 24, grey strands of hair started to appear. For years I was struggling to regain my black hair. I used many products to get my natural hair color. But most of the products that I used, contained ammonia, which damaged my hair instead. But noni is completely organic and I love it
George Mathew Cochin
Radhika Menon
After long and prolonging grey hair years, I was in search of a product that naturally fixed all my hair problems. Over the years I have used many hair coloring agents, and they were just not working out for me. I wanted something natural
Radhika Menon Trivandrum
Romila Raju
Noni is great guys! It's the most quick and easy way to get back your natural hair.
Romila Raju Chennai
Bhaskar K
Hey guess what! I used Noni Fruit Shampoo to colour my hair, but it also relieved me from dry scalp, dandruff and hair fall. It's amazing and I love the way I look now.
Bhaskar K Salem