BSY Noni Black Hair Magic

BSY Noni Black Hair Magic

Noni Black Hair Magic is formulated with herbal essence such as
Lingzhi mushroom
Polygonum multiflorum
Wild Ginseng

It has 6 advantages over normal grey hair treatment
No harmful chemicals
Easy application
Long lasting color
Saves time
Affordable Price
DIY- Anytime, anywhere, fast results

Other than blackening your grey hair, BSY Noni Black Hair Magic treatment has 6 other functions
Prevents Hair Loss. Double up as hair conditioner
Encourages healthy hair growth
Provides essential nutrients to hair roots
Eliminates dandruff
Treats scalp problems
Alleviates migraine headaches

BSY Noni Enzyme has 4 miracle functions
Powerful immune booster
Repairing damaged cell
Identifies abnormal cells. Medically proven in retarding proliferation of abnormal cells
Eliminates toxins, restoring body’s ability to maintain itself in an alkaline state

My thoughts
Some weeks ago I used the BSY Noni Black Hair Magic dye the same day I did my relaxer. I am now four weeks post and my hair is still very black. I really love this product. Its really easy to use, you just work it in your hair just as how you would use a regular conditioner.

I had some reservations when I first saw the packet because it was all in some other chinese-y looking language that I didn't understand. Only the directions and the name were in English. Someone was also saying to me that I shouldn't trust it especially since I had just done the relaxer. After a little on the spot research, I was convinced that it was ok to use it.

I thought the packet was small, but I really didn't need anymore. One packet was enough for my hair. Maybe if your hair is waist length you may need two, but my hair is APL in "length check" stance and one was good enough.

It has a plant-like smell that you will experience for a week or so, but it isn't really bothersome.

I thought that I wouldn't last long in my hair because sometimes I prefer to sleep with my deep conditioner in my hair overnight, instead of sitting under the dryer. When I did keep the conditioner on my hair, there was some color drain in the plastic cap. It didn't completely affect the color, however.

Overall I love this dye and will definitely be using it again. I mean, its dye thats good for your hair, what's better than that?

I hope this helps and Thanks for reading,


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