Ditch the Chemicals - Go natural with your Hair Color

Feb 06 , 2018

Prince Dhas

Ditch the Chemicals - Go natural with your Hair Color

Going gray is in vogue with celebrities like Meryl Streep embracing their ‘granny hair’ gracefully. Despite the trend gaining a lot of traction, about 65% of women change their hair color. Hair coloring has become the way of life for numerous people around the globe.
In the light of the potential harm that conventional hair dyes can cause there is a bigger-than- ever push for natural hair color.
Loaded with harmful chemicals, traditional hair dyes are linked to skin and respiratory irritation, suppressed immune system and even cancer. This awareness has led to more and more women choosing natural hair care products.
If the very thought of these chemicals seeping into your scalp gives you jitters, try coloring your hair naturally. You could actually find a lot of natural hair color ingredients in your kitchen shelves depending on factors like the color you want, intensity, etc.

Some natural ingredients to color your hair naturally
In case you want to go darker or cover gray hairs then black tea is all you need. Chamomile is recommended for blondes and rooibos may do the trick for redheads.

It works great to achieve darker color tones and also cover gray hair. To help the color last longer use apple cider vinegar to rinse out your hair.

Henna has been used to dye hair for thousands of years. It is the powdered form of henna plant leaves. The natural coloring pigment in the leaves create a red-orange color.

Walnut powder
If a dark brown color is in your mind, then walnut powder is the way to go.
While using natural products to color your hair, keep in mind the fact that they won’t last as long as conventional hair dyes, color may slightly vary from what you expect. In case you want to increase the intensity of the color try repeating the process a few times.

If preparing natural hair colors is not your cup of tea, then you could easily buy natural hair color online in just few clicks. BSY Noni Black Hair Magic is one such product. Formulated using pure extract of genuine Hawaiian Noni fruit and herbal essences, the dye not only turns your hair black rapidly but also keeps it healthy. The formulation contains no ammonia and also encourages healthy hair growth.

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