Sexy Ways To Improve Your HAIR COLOR

Sexy Ways To Improve Your HAIR COLOR

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Tips to Consider When Changing Your Hair Color 

Not sure about you, but celebrities like Rihanna, Katy Perry and Drew Barrymore (among many others) have me constantly inspired to try a new, even bold (gasp!) hair color. But I, unlike the aforementioned starlets, don’t have a team of pros on speed dial to help me make the right color decisions. And, I surely don’t have someone on standby to fix potential unflattering disasters. I’m sure you can relate. That’s why I’m here to share key tips from hair color experts who not only have a wealth of knowledge about how to choose the most fab hair color for you, but they’ve also taken a ton of A-listers from blonde to brunette and back again. Before you make your next color change, consider these pointers…


When making a color choice, It has more to do with personality than it does about hair. Example: If you want to be a redhead, you have to own it. It’s the kind of color that makes people notice you. You’ll stand out more so you have to want to be noticed in order to pull it off.


A wig is the BEST way to try out a more drastic hair color as it’s completely temporary. You wouldn't want to make a dramatic change before you’re 100 percent positive you’re going to love it.


The person that is the hardest to please is the one who doesn't know what she wants. It’s like going to a restaurant and saying ‘give me something to eat’.


Go to a makeup counter and have a makeup artist select a palette that is suitable for your skin tone. You can learn a lot about what the best colors are to wear


Skin tone plays a huge role in making color decisions. Someone with very fair skin should steer clear of any shade of blonde as the result wouldn't be ideal.


When going darker, if you have flawless skin, you’re lucky—try something really bold and go as dark as you like! Those with olive skin…add a touch of warmth to your hue so it doesn't look one-dimensional. If you have a lot of yellow if your skin, stick with a medium brown, as a really dark shade will wash you out and make you look ill.


I’m a big believer in evolution, not revolution. If you gradually transition from one color to the next, you might discover a color you love that you weren't thinking of going along the way.


If you have short hair you do not necessarily want to go monochromatic. Once it grows out, you’ll have to cut it short and color it again. Unless you’re made of money this isn't the best option. If your hair is super short, go with one color that will look great as it grows.


If you have grey hair, you can’t color your hair so that you don’t have to color your hair. No matter what color you think is the easiest to maintain, really, the maintenance is the same.


If you are the kind woman who has 1,000 things going on at once and coloring your hair isn’t top priority, you might want to go with something that can last three to four months without a touch up…Stay away from anything overly complicated.


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