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QuickPro 1 min Hair Colour - Light black

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Hair Color

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Quick Pro- Your perfect Ammonia free hair colour

How do you feel to have snow over your head and look charmed with that perfectly coloured and groomed hair? Snow and charm, your heart is already meltings. That’s what happens when you apply Hair Color, cool smooth and transforms your hair into a shining statement.

Made purely out of collagen and herbal extracts like aloe-vera and olive oil make your hair flow untangled. And yes, no stinky ammonia business. We keep it away or say no to Ammonia.

All you need is less than 5 minutes to change your hair into your kind of happiness with 5 different hair colour choices. 5 different modes, 5 different you in Medium Brown, Copper brown, light black, Natural brown and light mahogany.  With a floral scent that will please your senses and make you feel like flowers all around you.

What makes Quick Pro Hair Colour the perfect hair colour?

  • You can stop worrying about scalp itchiness because the Quick Pro Hair Colour has castor oil which fights against dandruff and hair breakage.
  • Olive and aloe-vera supplies and holds moisture to the roots of the hair and that’s exactly why you feel snow over your head.
  • Collagen anchors each hair making them stronger and healthy.

There is no stopping for anyone who decides to run their hands through your hair, its bliss and they won’t stop.  The highly recommended Quick Pro Hair colour brings you Joy and makes you Gorgeous.

Safety Information:

ALLERGY TEST - It is recommended that a test may be carried out by applying a very small quantity on the back of the ear and waiting for 24 hours. If no itching or rashes occur, the dye may be safely used.