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PRiiS Premium Disposable Face Mask

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PRiiS Premium Disposable Face mask

is made for your comfort by understanding you. The 3 ply protection gives you a complete protection against Dust,germs,Smoke & pollen and also helps to prevent cross-contamination. PRiiS Premium Disposable Face mask used in medical, dental, laboratory, food sectors, school, household, industry and multipurpose Soft, lightweight, comfy and easy to wear.



Why Should You Wear A Mask?

    Wearing a face mask will help prevent the spread of infection and prevent the individual from contracting any airborne infectious germs.

    When someone coughs, talks, sneezes they could release germs into the air that may infect others nearby. Face masks are part of an infection control strategy to eliminate cross-contamination



     How to Wear A Mask ?

    • Hold mask to your nose and pull the top strap over the crown of your head and pull the bottom strap over your head so its at the nape of your neck.
    • Pull the mask over your mouth and chin.


     Features :

    • High Filtration
    • Easy Breathing & Perfect Fitting
    • Comfortable Material
    • Non - Latex, No Glass Fibers
    • Nose Strip For Perfect Fitting