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PRiiS - Anti-fogging Mirror Protector For Car and Bikes

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PRiiS - Anti-fogging Rear Mirror Protector For Car and Bikes 

Benefits :

  • Safe Driving
  • Anti-fog
  • anti-glare
  • anti-mist
  • waterproof
  • rainproof

which effectively protects your driving safety in a rainy or foggy day Easy

Installation :

  • Just take a few minutes to install it to your Rearview Mirror directly
  • squirt a little water on the mirror
  • install the protective film to the mirror and adhere it
  • then flatten it with a small scraper

    Quick and easy-Universal Design :

    Rearview Mirror Protective Film is designed for Car, Suv, Truck, Trailer,Bikes etc., which fits all standard size of side mirrors. You can freely cut into pieces as needed Nano Hydrophilic Technology. High quality transparent clear screen protector, PET+ Nano coating protective film with high transmittance