About BSY Noni Fruit Shampoo

The changing climatic conditions and the harmful pollutants are posing a threat to human skin cells and even our hair. It leads to early damage of hair and causes premature whitening. There are a large number of companies coming up to cover up the disasters caused by these toxins, but mind you rather than intoxicating the hair, these hair colour dealers use chemicals that damage the hair further. But do not worry, PRIIS Trading Company, based in Kochi, is a natural herbal hair dye suppliers with years of experience in manufacturing only natural products that are harmless. Our organic hair products contain no added chemicals but are directly taken from the heart of nature to give your hair a newer, shiny and beautiful feel like never before. We are the only importer and distributor of BSY Noni Black Hair Magic products in India and Middle East. PRIIS Trading Company got the registration of Central Drugs Standard Control Organization(CDSCO) and certification for importing the BSY Noni Hair products in India & Middle East.

We are gaining popularity as the first ever organic hair products supplier in India supplying products that aid hair color transformation into natural black with no traces of toxins that can harm the hair. BSY Noni Black Hair Magic is the first product we introduced in Indian market. It's been an honour for us to do business with the top manufacturer of Bsy Noni based products in the world. BSY Bio-Tech Chain Co Ltd, China is well known for the best use of technology and obviously the world renowned plant Morinda Citrifolia – Noni. Defined as 'the world's best secret', this organic ingredient is rightly exploited by the BSY Bio-Tech Chain Co Ltd to make BSY Noni Black Hair Magic this brilliant. BSY Noni Black Hair Magic produced with US technology is very popular in 28 countries so far. Trust us and we will give you the best!


Our mission has born out of the urge to deliver better - living products and services of international quality.


We believe in putting our vision into practice and creating long-term benefits for the customers we serve.


Quality, integrity, dedication and customer satisfaction are the four core values we follow throughout our service. We respect our customers, listen to their requests and understand their expectations

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PRIIS TRADING COMPANY came to know about the magical fruit Noni and was enthusiastic in being a part of the health chain of Noni based products. Our search for an impeccable reputed international brand to associate for sourcing Noni products ended with BSY Bio-Tech Chain Co Ltd. Now we are the one and only registered and licensed importer and distributor of BSY Noni products.

Guangzhou BSY Biotech Chain Co. Ltd., China is part of the BSY US International Group Holdings Co. Ltd, headquartered in Hawaii, USA. BSY Biotech takes Noni ecological health products as its core industry, covering daily cosmetics, health drinks and liquors in green business, health and life industries. It has invested heavily in the R&D of Noni products.BSY is delivering great services and support for all its subsidiaries and associates in international level along with an astonishing product range and outstanding management.

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Morinda Citrifolia is assumed to have originated in Southeast Asia and was distributed throughout the Pacific islands by natural and man-made means. It is believed that approximately 2000 years ago, ancient people of French Polynesia brought the NONI plant with them as a source of food and medicine whenthey colonized the islands of the South Pacific. NONI, commonly known as Indian Mulberry (in India) was considered a sacred plant in Ayurveda and is mentioned in ancient texts as Ashyuka, which is Sanskrit for "longevity." NONI was noted to be a balancing agent, stabilizing the body in perfect health.

During World War II, U.S. soldiers based on Polynesian islands were instructed in their field manual that noni was recognized as a safe food staple to sustain their strength. Today, millions the world over are discovering the health balancing properties of this once- hidden island secret.